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3rd Annual Adoption Walk-a-thon

Orphan Care

Here in South Korea and around the world, children who are abandoned by their parents are often times placed in government funded housing. These homes are overfilled and understaffed. The children in these homes do not recieve the care they need; they are starving for touch and love There is a huge need for churches and families to give of their time, resources and homes to care for the orphans around the world. 

Raising Awareness

Many of these children go unnoticed and uncared for. They don't have anyone visiting them, and they hardly get attention from their busy care-taker. Our hope with the Rice Paddy Relay is to bring awareness to Orphans here in South Korea. Please join us by letting everyone in your circle of firends know that you are Walking or Running the Rice Paddy Relay. Tell them why you think it is important and then invite them to join you. With your help we can bring awareness to the need of these children.

Raising Funds

There are many families who want to help one of these children find a home, but the cost can be a road block. Adoption cost around the world average $30,000. These families need help to cover the cost. With the Rice Paddy Relay, we are not only raising awareness for Orphans in Korea and around the world, we are also raising money to support those families that need additional funds to complete their adoption. Get people to sponsor you with donations for your walk or run. All funds raised will go to the SCBC Adoption Fund to help support adopting families

10K Walk/5k Run

Participants in the Rice Paddy Relay can choose either our Family 10K Walk or the 5K run. Each course takes the participant to the Jinwi River road. The beautiful scenery and cool weather will make the Rice Paddy Relay enjoyable for all. All along the route will be water stations and opportunities to stop and learnabout and pray for the Orphan problem around the world. Added this year is a Children's obstacle course, giving kids the opportunity to participate in a fun and meaningful way.


Songtan Central Baptist Church is a five minute drive from Osan Airbase maingate. Located right next to Life Apartments near highway 1 in Songtan.

Church Address: 

368 Tanhyun Ro, 25 Beongil
Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do
S. Korea 17755

Check-in starts at 8:30am

Children's Obstacle Course: 9:00am

10K Walk/5K Run: 10am


You can register at any time using the form below. Simply choose which event you would like to participate in, set the number of tickets and register for the event. Please check the cost in the description of each ticket. Registrarion fee and any additional funds raised will be collect at the check-in table on Oct 1st. Teams of 4 or more recieve a $10/participant team discount on the registration fee. Sign-up today!

Register by September 20th to be guaranteed a shirt your size!

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