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Book Review: A Neglected Grace

Author: Jason Helopoulos

# of pages: 128


This book recieves the read again rating of a 10. Let it be a constant reminder of the joy of leading our families in worship of our God!


Family worship is something that is very foreign to many of us in the church. We may not have grown up with Christian parents, and if we did it is very unlikely that our parents led the family in worship at home. Even those of us with faithful parents who sought to make our home a Godly one, may only remember our parents encouraging personal quiet times. The practice of Family Worship has been all but lost in the church.

That is why I believe that this book by John Helopoulos is so important. In his book, A Neglected Grace, he sets out to encourage families not to miss out on the wonderful benefits of worshipping as a family.

As he introduces the book, John reminds us that, "As we approach the subject of family worship it is helpful to be reminded that it is nothing more thanj our response in the home to God's magnificent and infinite grace." This means that worshipping God with our family is a natural overflow of our own worship of God

The author also challenges Christians who read the book that, "A Christian home is more than two or three Christians linving in the same house." This is important for all of us to understand. We are not creating a Christian home with Christain influences just by being Christian ourselves. We must work actively to create a home that helps our family know Christ.

And the as the book continues, the author, offers great reasons not to neglect family worship, as well as helpful thoughts for starting and sustaining family worship.

I cannot recommend this book enough!

Go get it now! Click here

The most important thing that we can do as Christians is worship God and teach our family to do the same.

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