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What is Bring it Home?

Bring it Home is a journey toward a Gospel filled home.

Convinced by passages in scripture such as Deut 6, Joshua 24, Psalm 78, and Ephesians 4, Bring it Home seeks to Educate, Encourage, and Equip families to fulfill their God given responsibility to make much of Jesus in their home and disiple their children to know and love Him.

Our Main Purpose then it to Educate, Encourage and Equip families

Bring it Home seeks to be a community of people who recognize that God has placed a special call on families to become an organic and effective vessel to carry the truth of His character and actions (especially salvation) to generation after generation.

Therefore we believe it is vitally important for parents to understand and embrace the beautiful call of God on their family.

To this end Bring it Home will seek to educate and remind families consistantly of their responsibility to worship God by making much of Jesus in the home.

Bring it Home also seeks to be a community because we recognize that parents need encouragement in order to fulfill the purpose of God in their family. We hope that by journeying together with other families we will all find enouragement and challenge for better focus our families on the Gospel and a live a life that is worthy of it.

We believe that the Church's role is to help equip individuals and families for the walk of faith. Because of this. Bring it Home also seeks to partner with Churches to equip families with everything they may need to effectlively pass on their faith from generation to generation. We do this by offering training and resources through the local church as well as through online avenues.

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