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At Home Blog Series: Hebrews 6:13-20

Be Sure to Read the Passage as a Family before continuing

Theme: Importance of the Son of God

Passage: Hebrews 6:13-20

The Promise of God

When God makes a promise, there should be no doubt that it will be accomplished. He is not limited in any way. Nothing can hinder his fulfillment of that which he says he will do. He does not lie, therefore their is no need for assurances. Every promise that God makes WILL come to pass.

Yet, God chose to "show more convincingly the unchangeable character of his purpose." There was no need for him to offer a more convincing argument. He promised, that is as secure as it gets. Still he guaranteed his promise with an oath. The almighty and ever trustworthy God has given two unchangeable pledges to those who trust in him for there salvation.

Since it is impossible for God to lie, and he has given who guarantees on salvation, we have double reason to be encouraged to hope in God. He will never let us down and he will not fail to free us from our sins. "We have this as a steadfast anchor for our soul."


  1. Why will God never lie?

  2. Does God ever fail to fulfill his promises?

  3. Does God's promise for salvation give you hope?

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