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Blogs to Read in 2017 Tim Challies has been blogging forever and is one of the most popular and influential christian bloggers on the internet. He tackles tough issues in winsome ways and consistently offers helpful articles on Christian living. He has also written on of my favorite systematic theology books of 2016; Visual Theology. Al Mohler is the President of Southern Seminary and a wonderful cultural observer. He is consistently engaging culture from an intelligent, Christian perspective. His blog (and podcast) are informational and helpful. Russell Moore is my favorite social justice voice. He tackles very weighty subject with grace and passion. He has also written and contributed to many books on adoption and orphan care. Donald Whitney is a constant voice for Family Worship and family discipleship. He also wrote the book "Family Worship" that is a wonderfully simple encouragement for families engage in worship together. Two strong writers of theological thought, John Frame and Vern Poythress, have their works collected on one site together. Many times this blog is re-publishing old articles that were written to be published in other resources, but that just means we now have a more convenient way to access them. Kelly Needham, wife of singer/songwriter Jimmy Needham, has a blog, and it is good. She writes from a Biblical perspective and hopes to do nothing more than to help other know that "Nothing compares to knowing Jesus." Desiring God is a great resource for any Christian. They cover the internet with quality articles and offer visual and audio resources as well. A personal favorite of mine is John Piper's "Look at the Book" series. The amount of great content coming from this blog is overwhelming. I do not and cannot read it all, but I consistently find that they offer valuable content in all categories of life and faith. There are several reasons that I follow the Crossway Blog. The biggest reason is that Donald Whitney (See Above) is a contributor. Purely a devotional blog that offers daily scripture readings and a community of women to study with. Very encouraging with thoughtful insights. The male companion to comes in with the same quality and vision. They also have printed material that is wonderfully put together. For the Family is a group of contributors who write specifically to encourage and train Christians families. My favorite post from this group are the insanely practical ones. Here is an example of what I mean "3 Truths (+ Your greenlight) to finally be consistent in Family Worship" This group of ladies is writing with the hope of inspiring women to be solid theologians. Ladies, this one is for you. A Blog for those who love Reformed Theology. I personally love the historical view they take on theological issues and the way they seem to be a rag tag bunch of writers who are connected by a love for God and deep theology. Several engaging writers who write from a pastoral perspective. I appreciate their approach and love when they add a flare of creativity. Here is one example: How to be Spiritually Miserable The Village Church, lead by Matt Chandler, always puts out great content that is not only solid theologically, but also fresh in approach.

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