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Podcasts to Listen to in 2017

License to Parent: Host Trace Embry interviews various professionals with regards to matters of the home. Seeking to bring Biblical answers to parenting and family topics, this podcast features 30 minute and 1 minute features with relevant topics for you as a parent.

Dadtired: The mission of Dadtired is to support dads as they wear themselves out for their families. I love the work that Jarrad Lopes is doing. He is creating a community of men who are looking out for each other. Check out the Podcast and get connected if you are a man in need of encouragement.

Focus on the Family (Parenting, Family, Marriage): Focus on the family is time tested and approved. They have always been a great resource for families. Featuring 3 podcasts (one for parenting topics with host John Fuller, one for family with host Jim Daley and one for marriage with host John Fuller), they reach a variety of topics with the aim of helping families to thrive.

Around the World with the Archibald Project: Although not family discipleship specific, Orphan Care and Adoption is a fantastic means of sharing the Gospel and growing your family and is something we are called to be a part of. The Archibald project is an orphan care advocacy group aimed at inspiring families towards orphan care and adoption. Their podcast seeks to be a story teller, sharing stories of orphan and adoption care with the intention of inspiring others to join. A great listen!

Your Morning Basket: Although a homeschool podcast, the concept of "morning time" can be transformative as you approach family worship in your home. The ideas you will walk away with from this concept will spur you on in consistency and daily faithfulness: meet together, as a family, once a day, at the same time and fill your "basket" with resources to pass on and strengthen your family faith. She often addresses hymns, catechism, scripture along with great books to spur you on to love and good deeds, and other school resources. Search by podcast topics to find the ones specific to your needs. Please note: We don't agree fully theologically but can use a lot of the encouragement, ideas and suggestions to meet our own needs.

5 Minutes in Church History: What would it be like to spend five minutes a day with a Church historian? You have a chance with this podcast and it is fascinating! Professor Stephen Nichols takes his listeners back in time to different event and people that set the stage for the Church we know today. It doesn't take long, and the information is easy to digest. This is one of my favorite podcast.

Ask Pastor John: John Piper is accessible for questions through this podcast. Find the site, ask a questions and then follow the podcast to hear Pastor John answer one at a time....Disclaimer: I am not guaranteeing that he will answer yours question, but I am guaranteeing you will find his answer to other questions helpful.

The Briefing: What Dr. Al Molher does for his blog, he supercharges for his podcast. I love hearing his commentary on culture and his intelligent answers for Christians

White Horse Inn: Host, Michael Horton wants to encourage constant reformation in the Church. The podcast seeks to apply timeless Christian doctrines to the questions of the day.

Revive our Hearts: In order to be able to pour out to your family, you need to be poured INTO and growing yourself. Revive our Hearts ministry is an excellent way to be challenged, spurred on and fed spiritually so you can overflow to your family. This ministry is aimed at women of all ages and stages of life. It contains solid Biblical teaching (both topical and exegetical). Some parenting and marriage specific topics are tackled but broader scriptural teaching and disciplines of faith are also a part of this podcast, aimed at helping women thrive in Christ. The perfect length to listen to while you tackle that load of laundry or pile of dishes!

Gospel in Life: Tim Keller sermon Podcast. Tim Keller is a wonderful pastor who graciously navigates culture with the Gospel.

Culture Matter: Pastor Matt Chandler along with Josh Patterson explore the intersection of faith and culture. They are great to listen to and have a wonderful way of articulating their views.

Reformed Kidcast: Fun Podcast of a dad catechizing his children. Infrequent posting but always fun and engaging.

Happy Rant Podcast: Podcast from the Blazing Center. They are fun to listen to and nothing is off the table for discussion.

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