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Book Review: Prayer Pathway

Prayer Pathway Authors: Kathi Lambrides Westlund Pg # 296

New Beginnings

The New Year often brings with it a sense of starting over, a fresh slate, new beginnings. Many times we find ourselves reflecting on our past year and resolving anew to “change”, “be different”, “be better” or in one way or another improve ourselves as the calendar flips to a new year. Many believers find the dawning of a New Year a time of desiring to draw closer to the Lord – to walk nearer, to go deeper, and to grow spiritually - along these lines, a desire to draw near to the Lord in prayer is often a longing and desire. Thankfully, as believers, we know that we don’t need to wait until the New Year to begin again! Each day the Lord promises “new mercy” (Lamentations 2:22-23) and we know that if we come to Him desiring to be New, we can through Jesus at any moment throughout our days! In Him, each moment can have potential for new beginnings and a fresh start.

A Guide and Devotional

Several years ago I received a copy of “Prayer PathWay” by Kathi Lambrides Westlund. This extensive prayer guide-meets-prayer devotional is a beautiful tool to aid any believer along in their desire to grow in prayer and communication with the Lord. Since receiving my original copy, Kathi has gone on to update, expand, re-format and print a second edition entitled: “Prayer Pathway: Journeying in a Life of Prayer” which was recently released and is for sale now.

Prayer PathWay is designed as a guidebook for prayer. Using Scripture as its central focus, it walks the reader through a journey of prayer. The author uses the acronym “PRAYERS” (Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield, Express Thanks, Rejoice, Shalom) to help guide readers in their approach to the Lord and in their time spent with Him. Each section contains the “how to” and suggestions for praying the type of prayer, along with Scripture that can be used as appropriate to one’s situation, as well as inspiring quotes from spiritual giants. After the 7 sections of focused prayer suggestions, there is a section of Prayer Themes with 31 specific ways to pray for special people in your life (Husband, Wife or Loved Ones). Beyond these, there are reproducible forms and ways to customize and organize your prayer life in a way that suits your needs. We share this book as a resource and tool to aid you in your own journey of prayer, as well as that of your family. We pray that in 2017 (and beyond), you might draw near to the Lord in prayer as you seek to lead your home and your children closer to Him.

Kathi writes in her book: “Prayer is our means of acknowledging God’s presence and seeking His help on our daily journey….He asks us to pray because He knows we need Him.” What a better way to start the New Year (or each new day!), than with the desire to grow in our communication with our Lord and Savior, seeking HIS help for our journey.

Beyond the book, check out to read more of Kathi’s personal journey of prayer and more about her book; including encouraging blogposts and FREE resources for your prayer life!

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