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Strangely We Celebrate

Have you ever been to a funeral?

Ever looked at the crowd?

Ever noticed the silence?

Ever experienced grief like a cloud?

It moves like a wave,

It is bitter and raw

No one escapes

Sadness is the law

Everyone is compelled to mourn

And given to despair

Losing a loved one

Lays your heart bare

Painful and emotional

Loved one cry and weep

The funeral signals the end

Of a relationship that ran so deep

Death is never easy

To many it's a fear

We will do anything to live

We hold life so dear

But there is one who didn't hold His life so dear

There is one who has freed us of all fears

There is one whose death freed us from damnation

And turned His funeral into a celebration!

Yearly we celebrate His funeral

We worship and we sing

Strangely we celebrate

The death of our King

At might be strange for you

Cause all you see is the cost

As our master and our God

Died on the cross

But what you don't see the product,

How it changed our fate.

True love at that cross

Purchased infinite grace.

The weight He lifted

As he was lifted on that tree

Paid the price of sin

For both you and me.

We have been rescued.

Our debt to God is paid.

We can stand in the presence of God now.

We no longer need to be afraid

Approach God as your Father

Through His one and only Son

Work not to earn His favor

For at the cross salvation was declared done.

Celebrate the funeral

Of your victorious King

His Resurrection brings us joy.

Worship Him and Sing

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