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All Christmas has Broken Loose

Help! Help!

The lights are blinding, that music keeps playing, their are too many present flowing in from everywhere! I am buried in wrapping paper! ALL CHRISTMAS HAS BROKEN LOOSE!

Have you noticed it too? As soon the Thanksgiving turkey has settled, Christmas begins to invade. We decorate our homes and we bring in a large, green, needle shedding reminder of winter. We dedicate a significant portion of our time to festive music, books and foods.


It may not seem like it, but I love all this craziness. I know that the truth behind the excess of colors and the grand displays in our homes is celebration.

We celebrate the moment in which God came to earth, becoming a man, being born of a woman and putting into motion a rescue plan for rebellious humanity. The incarnation is a feat to be celebrated and is worthy of more and brighter lights, longer and louder songs and continual, forever worship.

Let the Celebration Never Stop

Yet, Christmas and Advent will soon be gone as fast as it came. We will put away our tree and its decorations. We will clean up after the festivities and we will move on to the next thing on our calendar.

Though the Holiday season will end, the celebration doesn't have to. Jesus, the incarnate savior, is worthy of our adoration, affection and worship at every moment. We would lose the entire point of the Christmas season and all of our Advent efforts would be lost if we stopped worshiping when it was over. Let the celebration never stop.

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