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Resolutions for a New Year

The New Year

Every year we grow older, we have new experiences and we meet new people. Many times the new year comes with visions and excitement of a fresh start. Successful new years resolutions can make a for a brand new feeling in life, and set the tone for a productive year.

Here are some resolutions that I am adopting for 2018.

5 Resolutions for the New Year

  1. Worship Daily

We believe in a living and active God. He is deserving of our affection and attention day in a day out. Morning scripture reading, Prayer time, Family worship, and singing praises every evening with my kids will keep my heart and focus in the right place.

  1. Live in Step with the Gospel

Consider what the Gospel of grace has to say about each decision that I make. Consider what my choices communicate to others (especially my children) about my faith. Ultimately keep my eyes focused on the author of salvation and live in a way that makes much of Him.

  1. Love & Serve my Family

New years resolutions are ultimately about attention and where you plan to focus more of that attention. I want to give more of my attention my family. I will do that by giving more energy to playing and teaching my kids; as well as serving and communicating with my spouse.

  1. Read/Write more

Reading and writing have become a joy in my life, yet far to often I let other things get in the way. Many times life and laziness combine to cause me to set aside the book I am reading or push away my desire to write. In the next year I want to focus more time to reading and writing.

  1. Seek Healthy Habits

There are many things in my life that are not as healthy as I would like. Chief among them are my sleeping habits and eating habits. Too much sugar and too little sleep is a recipe for too much coffee in the mornings. I want to seek healthy habits for myself and my family.

Do you have any Resolutions?

Making resolutions and planning to accomplish them is not easy for me, but I do it because setting goals and working working hard to achieve them is very important. That is also why I share them with you all. I feel a measure of accountability knowing that my goals available for anyone to read.

Do you have any resolutions? I want to invite you to share them in the comments below, or in our Bring it Home community on Facebook.

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