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Snow and the Gospel

God’s Beautiful Design

A dusting just is not enough for me. You may have never experience a real snow, but for someone who grew up in the land of 8 month snow drifts, anything less than four inches on the ground doesn’t feel like it even snowed. A light cover of snow always seems to me a waste, but my kids think differently. Their imagination allows them to spend hours outside, starting snowball fights with crumbs, and building towns of tiny snowmen. They love the snow, no matter how much is on the ground.

That makes every time it snows an opportunity for my wife and I to join their excitement and to make much of God’s beautiful design.

Every dusting and every storm is called to the earth by God. He speaks and “storehouses of the snow” (Job 38:22) open and pour forth. Every single flake comes from His hand, and every intricate design is His doing. “He give snow like wool. He scatters the frost like ashes...” (Psalm 147:16). There is a lot we can learn about God from even the smallest snowflake, and much He hopes to teach us in His control of weather.

God’s Power in the Season

The changing of season and the movement of weather are a display of His power. Through the falling and gathering of snow, we are able to better understand His glory and respond in worship.

He is the owner of all creation and does with it whatever "pleases Him" (Psalm 135:6). He will give rain and snow when He wills, as an act of His grace and mercy. It is only by His hand that we experience the change of weather and the power of storms. Is all meant to be to the praise of His glory. Creatures like us ought to stand in awe and sing in worship as we watch the snow float down to the earth.

Picture of the Gospel

What makes the falling of snow the most beautiful though, is the way it restores creation. As the newness of spring, turns to the heat of summer and ends in the colors of fall; we see the deterioration of plants and death on the fingertips of trees. The season of winter is accompanied with the bleakness of a grey world, devoid of the brightness of spring and the brilliance of autumn.

Yet, when the snow falls, if covers the creation with a pure white blanket, helping us forget the bleakness and enjoy a new kind of beauty. All that has dulled and been sullied by the seasons is given a loving covering. Under that covering, the ground is resting and waiting for the melting snow to replenish moisture and nourish the ground as spring is reborn.

The Gospel brings about the same kind of restoration to the believer's soul. Before Christ, our spirits had been choked out by sin and sullied by seasons of life. Deteriorated by our own disobedience and in need of total restoration. When the Gospel falls on our soul like a covering of snow, we are purified and restored to life.

A snow fall, whether a dusting or a blizzard gives us an opportunity to tall our children the beauty of the Gospel. This year, as you throw snow balls at your children or make snow angels, remind them that underneath all the pure white snow is a world in need of restoration; and at the deepest part of every person is a soul in need of Jesus.

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