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Book Review: God's Timeline

God's Timeline: The Big Book of Church History Author: Linda Finlayson / 80 pages


A Tour Through Church History

Looking down the corridors of time is always a fascinating, if not overwhelming endeavor. Making sense of countless stories and understanding how they fit together in a bigger global narrative is the goal of all historians.

As Christians, we have a history of our own that deserves our effort and learning, yet those of us that have not studied for church history academically are in need of a guide.

What Linda Finlayson has done in her book, God's Timeline, is offer a simple and comprehensive tour of church history. With Linda as our guide, we begin in the early church and then follow the spread of the good news around the world.

Crusades, Counsels and the Missionary Movement

Tackling the most complex seasons of the church, Linda gives clarity to how God is protecting her through the translation and preserving of holy scripture. As the timeline of church history unfolds, the need for a centering force becomes clear and beginning with the Canon and then the Creeds; the church finds its way to the Reformation. In the Reformation we see scripture finally break free of its bonds and lead the church as it was designed to do.

From the moment the scriptures were translated to the language accessible to all, the mission and direction of the church changed. Finlayson does a wonderful job of bringing to light the movement that resulted. Tracing the Gospel as it journeys to the ends of the earth is my favorite part of the book. Making stops in Korea and China on our way to the modern church makes this resource unique.

A Case for this Book to be on Every Bookshelf

Linda Finlayson's book is a gem of Christian history that is wrapped in interesting pictures and colors. This book will capture the attention of both children and adults and makes for a great resource for every Christian family.

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