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God Gave us Marriage

Fragile People & Broken Marriages

The US postal service is trusted to deliver all kinds of letters, and packages safely around the US. Mail comes in all shapes and sizes, and is in need of all kinds of protection. Some packages need to be handled with care and to make sure that the contents arrive safely. The postal service, upon request, will place a red "fragile" label on the side of your package to insure that all handlers know to treat it with special care.

Unfortunately, even the red label is not enough to guarantee a safe delivery. There are accidents and careless workers in the USPS system; even the most protected packages arrive beat up, with broken contents.

Our marriages are like that broken package, labeled to be treated with care, but the contents, the people, are already broken. Marriages are often thrown away because broken people have been packaged together.

We must not think of our marriage as spoiled because the contents are broken. We cannot be so quick to throw away the gift because it did not arrive as we had hoped. It is the packaging itself that will keep broken pieces until our God can put the contents back together.

Marriage is a Gift of God

In Genesis God created man and woman for each other. In his infinite wisdom God saw that it was necessary that man and woman to be together and gave them marriage as a beautiful gift. Have you ever wondered why God instituted it as a normal practice his people? What is it about marriage that God thought so good?

Beside the obvious, that God chose marriage as the vehicle for fulfillment of the command to " be fruitful and multiply", their are several additional benefits that God designed for marriage. 3 Reasons why God Gave us Marriage

1) God displays in marriage His own covenant keeping love. Read the book of Hosea or Ephesians 5 and you will see the never ending love of God displayed in a covenant relationship between two people.

2) God works His purpose of sanctification in marriage. This can come off as a joke, making many small groups laugh but it is far from it. There is no better relationship in life for our sanctification than marriage. In it spouses can help each other grow to Christ likeness by spotting areas that need attention and supporting each other to truth the Gospel to change us. 3) God desires we raise little worshipers. God gave us marriage so that we could, from a foundation of covenant keeping love, raise up little worshipers. (Malachi 2:13-15)

The Strength of a Promise

Marriage is a meaningful gift, given for the purpose of exalting God. It also offers those who make a promise of fidelity and faith to each other an experience of God's grace and opportunities to grow in likeness to Christ. Allowing anything to separate that relationship, which is bound in the strength of a promise, is to give up on the good gift of God.

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