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Easter 2023

Worshipping with as the Sun Rises

On Easter morning we gathered as a fellowship to worship our savior and commemorate His resurrection. It was a blessing to sing together as the sun rose above the apartments and the birds began their day in song The beauty of this moment resonated with our Church. We were a group of believers, foreign to the land in which we are living and working, rising early to gather as a family for a time of worship.

When our early morning gathering was finished, we flocked to our worship center, where our women's ministry team, which includes Sarah, set up breakfast for everyone who attended the Sunrise service.

After breakfast we served and enjoyed, we had about an hour before we would gather again at our regular worship time. At each interval in the day we enjoyed a time of reverence and joy as we considered the Christ's finished work on the cross and His defeating death by His resurrection from the dead.

Finally, we finished the blessed day in fellowship at a local park. Several families from our Church continued the Easter celebration with games for kids and treats for adults.

In many ways, this Easter was a glimpse into some of our favorite moments of life serving overseas. We are able to be a community of people in the truest sense of community. We are there for each other in ways that people struggle to find when they leave Korea and we take moments like Easter and make them memorable together.

Our Redeemer Lives

Have you ever wondered What morning displayed as redemption was won? Bright, majestic, and beautiful… A panoramic, crimson masterpiece…

Creation's celebration in the rising of the sun

Creation cried as He died

It must have sang a He rose

As faithfully the next morning dawned So did our Risen Lord Breaking free of sin's death grip

That He might live forevermore

Though his followers feared the worst The women had a testimony to tell The tomb was empty, And the master, alive and well

So what were they to do? And what would you have done? Lift your voice; rejoice, rejoice For Salvation was sealed by the Risen One

When we consider His resurrection Profess Him and believe We declare with all creation "He is Risen!" "He is Risen indeed!"


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