Bring it Home Bookclub- Neglected Grace: Chapter 1

Read the Chapter 1 ( 15 mins )

As we begin Chapter 1 we are confronted with a problem. Because family worship has fallen to the wayside in the Christians culture, many people have never experience family worship. In this chapter, Jason Helopoulos, defines worship and helps the reader understand the centrality of worship in the life of a Christian.

He lays out three types of worship that have been historically recognized by the church.

  1. Secret Worship: Worship we do in seclusion. From personal quiet times or prayer times to singing and dancing in praise.

  2. Corporate worship: Worship that is conducting in the gathering of the believers; oftentimes in the setting of the Church.

  3. Family Worship: Worship that is a mix of secret, because it happens in our homes, but also corporate because we worship together as a family. The home in this instances becomes a "little Church"

Jason lays out the beauty of God gracious design that we would be people of worship; seeking to honor God in secret, in public and before our family.

Did you grow up in a Christian home?

Did you see worship conducted in your home?

(If you did not...what do you think was the object of worship in your family?)

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