Bring it Home Bookclub - Neglected Grace: Introduction

Read the Introduction ( 5 mins )

In the introduction to the book Neglected grace, Jason Helopoulos seeks to accomplish two things for the reader...

  1. He sets the tone for the entire book by seeking to demystify family worship. When most people consider the idea of worshiping in the home, it seems like a big task, however the task of family worship is simple and glorious. God is worthy to be worshipped and therefore our task is to worship....even at home.

  2. He hopes to make you (the reader) comfortable by offering insight in the common struggle of family discipleship. Will you be able to be consistent? Will the kids cooperate every time? The answer is no, and that means we are all in the same boat.

Be encouraged that you are not alone in the difficulty your have experienced leading your family to know Jesus. As we continue to read the book, we are together going to be challenged to simply worship Christ because he is worthy.

What are you most excited about as we read Neglected Grace?


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