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The vision of the Bring it Home community is that Christ would be exalted and the gospel proclaimed in every home!




The mission of Bring it Home is to EDUCATE Parents of their responsibility to lead their family in Christ honoring Worship, ENCOURAGE Parents to fulfill that God given responsibility and to EQUIP them by offering resources that will help in fulfilling that responsibility.


How to Accomplish the Mission


We will EDUCATE parents through Bible Study, Family Worship Workshops, Blogs, a Book and constant reminders via any and all ways of communication. We then want to ENCOURAGE parents to fulfill their God given role through the same avenues and especially through personal experience of peer families through the Facebook group, interviews, and other peer to peer sharing. And lastly, we want to EQUIP parents to do it by leading parents to helpful resources and creating resources that are needed.


Content Creators

Steve Houser

Lives in South Korea with wife and (Lord willing) three children. Pastors at Songtan Central Baptist Church. Founder and Contributer for Bring it Home. 

Brian Roden

Lives in South Korea with wife and two children. Expertise in civil engineering. Contributer for Bring it Home. 

Elsbeth Rodgers.png

Elsbeth Rodgers

Elsbeth and her husband Jeremy live in South Korea where they serve with Word of Life Fellowship along with raising five children. 

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