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The Stories of the Reformers

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500 years after the Reformations we are still beneficiaries of the steadfast faith and strong stand of the reformers and martyrs.


Thanks to reformers such as John Wycliffe, Martin Luther and Williams Tyndale, who fought for the right of every person to behold and digest the words of God, we each have access to the Scriptures in our own language, and in whatever format we prefer....Even our computers and phone have access to the Bible!


Thanks, also to the theologians and preachers of the Reformation, such as John Calvin, Guillaume Flarel, Thomas Cramner, Thomas Cromwell, Philip Melachthon, John Knox, and Huldrych Zwingli, we have a wealth of Biblical notes and sermons that spur on believers to deeper devotion to God.


And, a special thanks to the Martyrs of the Reformation such as John Hooper, Jan Hus, and Hugh Latimer because their sacrifice fueled the reformation to a global event.

Join us in celebrating the reformation by downloading and reading the FREE ebook "Stories of the Reformers."

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