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Write For Bring it Home

We are looking for Writers

If you are a Christian writer and you are looking for ways to get your content published or if you are just a Christian who loves Jesus and are interested in trying to put some of your thoughts into digestible notes; we at Bring it Home want to hear from you.


Our vision at Bring it Home is to build a community where Christ will be exalted and the gospel proclaimed in every home! Our hope is to EDUCATE Parents of their responsibility to lead their family in Christ honoring Worship, ENCOURAGE Parents to fulfill that God given responsibility and to EQUIP them by offering resources that will help in fulfilling that responsibility.


We are looking for content writers and creator who are faithful to the word of God and concerned for Christian families. If that is you, continue reading and begin submitting content to

Ideas for Content

Your blog post can be about anything as long as they touch on the family perspective. How should a family respond? What can a family do? How does my family do this? Just write the post and send it to us, and we will look it over, and talk to you if anything needs to change. If not, we will post it. (If you send a picture with it, make sure that it is a free picture and not copyrighted)


It does not have to be strictly blog content. We are looking for more than just writing. We also accept original Artwork, Music/Video content, and even sermons. We are looking for all kinds of faithful, Christ centered and family focused content.

Blog post: We are looking for interesting written content that is between 500-1500 words. Every blog both must be consistent with our orthodox Christian faith and be written to be helpful for families who are seeking to grow in their faith together.

a) Resource/Book Review

b) Theology from a family perspective

c) Devotional post: Write a post from your personal devotions

d) Details about your family worship

e) Current Events

f) Challenges for families

g) Creative ideas for families

h) Important family rituals

i) Blogs that we follow post. (reviewing and pointing to other written content)

j) Podcast that we listen to.


Artwork: We need content creator that are interested in making beautiful art for Bring it Home. I love when I see people posted verse art or quotes. I also have ideas for children's books that need illustrators. Are you artistic? Do you like to draw or paint or just be creative? If not, do you know anyone who is that you can connect me to?


Music/Video: We are looking for original music and videos that glorify God and offer families encouragement to follow Christ in deeper and more faith-filled ways.


Sermons: We are looking for and may even created a directory of the best Faithful/Conservative/Christ-centered/Reformed preachers that we can find. If you are a Pastor and would consider your preaching to fit, please submit your sermons. If you have a favorite Pastor/Preacher, submit his sermons and we will review, share and add them to a resource list.



How do I submit?

There is a process that we would recommend for every guest post and creative content that you would like published with Bring it Home.


1) Write


2) Self-edit

3) Send the draft via email to for final editing

4) Share your published work


Just to be clear, Bring it Home reserves the write to reject or return any and all content that does not meet our posting guidelines.





Bring it Home CREATE. Team

For consistent friends and contributors to Bring it Home, we are going to start a collaborative effort that we are going to call the CREATE. team. Together we will be encouraging each other to write and dream of future creative endeavors; building a community of creatives that encourage and challenge each other in our art.


Contributors, writer and artists, who have shown consistency in quality content that is both faithful and engaging will be invited to join our CREATE. team.

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