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Easter Resources

Easter Season

Every year as Easter approaches, our family is always looking for new ways to be thinking and preparing to worship our Savior in a speacial way during the important days of Holy Week.

Here are some of the free resources we have used and look forward to using.


Holy Week Timeline from Bring it Home

Easter story is not limited to Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. In the same way that the life of Jesus is important to the Gospel story, the events of the week leading to the death and resurrection of Jesus are important to the Easter story. You and your children will benefit from becoming familiar with the days that preceed Easter Sunday.

With this in mind, we created a Holy Week timeline for families to become more familiar with the events such as the Triumphal Entry, and Cleansing of the Temple and Teaching of Jesus throughout the week. The timeline also breaks down which stories are found in which Gospels; giving verse references.

It is best used as a referance resource to a Holy Week Devotional, the Holy Week Timeline will help you and your family see the passion of Christ in a new and full way! Get it Here for Free!

Love to the Uttermost by John Piper

John Piper has written a devotional that walks the reader through the love of God displayed by Jesus in the Holy week of Easter. This eight day devotional combines scripture exposition and imagination to make it a wonderful conduit for worship.

Though meant as an adult devotional, the short pages and purposeful connection to each day of the Holy week could make this a good family devotional as well.

Use this devotional to encourage you faith and focus your affection during this Easter season! Get it Here for Free!

Journey to the Cross from Providence Church

This is a Lenten Devotional from a faithful church. This six-week devotional is set to themes of Week 1- Repentence, Week 2- Humility, Week 3- Suffering, Week 4- Lament, Week 5- Sacrifice, and Week 6- Death.

Each week is broken up to daily scripture readings with confession, contemplation and a devotional thoughts.

The longest of the free devotionals we have found and covers the entire lenten season. Six-weeks can be a long commitment, but it is well worth it. Check it Here for Free.

Trail to the Tree by Ann Voscamp

"We pause to listen to His Word, linger on His Word, lift up our word prayers to the Word....then go live the Word."

This Easter Devotional is meant to be paired with something Ann Voscamp calls an Easter Tree. Each of the 17 devotionals are comes with a beautiful symbol that is meant to be hung like ornament on the Easter tree.

The words combined with the visuals makes for a beautiful experience for the reader and listener. Get the ebook/symbols free by signing up for updates from Ann's blog.

Family Worship Journal from Bring it Home

Easter season is a wonderful time to kick off, restart or bring a new focus to your family devotions. Each of these devotionals are meant to lead you and your family to worship.

This Journal is designed to make it easy for you and your family to plan and record each family worship session.

Contact Bring it Home is you are interested in purchasing a printed copy of this resource, or download a non-printed copy here!

Easter Resource Page

Click the button to check out all of these devotionals and more on the Easter Resource page at Bring it Home.


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