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At Home Blog Series: Hebrews- Introduction

At Home Blog Series

The "At Home Blog Series" is new to the Bring it Home Blog. You can think of it as a Family Bible Study tool. Each week for the next 13 weeks we will post 3 short blogs, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, that are designed to help you walk with your family through the Book of Hebrews. We hope the "At Home Blog Series" will be both helpful and fun as you lead your family through the word of God.

Introducing Hebrews

The book of Hebrews has a special place in the hearts of many readers of the New Testament. There is depth of doctrine (knowledge of God) but also heights of beauty. It is both too high to understand and yet very readable. As E Schuyler English says, “To read it is to breathe the atmosphere of heaven itself.”

Though the author of Hebrews is unknown, the purpose and themes of the book are very clear. Written as a “word of exhortation,” (Hebrews 13:22) the author intends for the book to be more of a sermon, than a letter. When we read Hebrews we are hearing thoughts and convictions of an early church teacher and are encouraged to be changed by them.

The author’s use of the Old Testament quotations and his concern for the Old Testament sanctuary, sacrificial system and priesthood means that the letter was written to followers of Jesus with Jewish background. There is an urgency to this letter that is filled with warnings and encouragement to people who seem to be in the brink of falling away. Ultimately it seems that the writer was preaching in order to strengthen the faith of hearer.

To this end, there is a unifying theme that runs through each chapter of the book; The Son of God is Supreme. He is greater than the angels, He is a better mediator than Moses, and He is the great High Priest. He also is greater vessel than the sanctuary, He the deliverer of a greater covenant through his greater sacrifice and is King of an unshakable kingdom. Is there a better way to strengthen the faith of believers then to point them to the amazing person and work of the Savior?

The reader of the Book of Hebrews should be ready to experience a grand picture of Jesus, to be challenged to not neglect the salvation Jesus offers and to be encouraged to walk in the footsteps of Gospel believing heroes who have gone before them.


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