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Adding to the Crazy

Adding Another Child

Adding a fourth child to our family has taken my breath away. It is an incredible honor that I often feel completely unworthy of. While I enjoy our three rambunctious "Littles" running around our living room while I am feeding a fourth, I am washed in love and gratitude, feeling abundantly blessed with the life I’ve been given. Yet, I also wonder aloud how our eardrums will endure more noise, how our home can hold more clothes, how my lap can have room for one more, if there will be enough minutes in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done and if my patience can possibly be stretched any further. We might have some bumpy months ahead of us. It might not be easy. But it will be worthwhile. It is meaningful work. There will be joy. Looking to Jesus, there will be contentment and satisfaction.

Rejoice, Pray, and Give Thanks

I am reminded to “rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances.” Melissa Kruger in her devotional “Walking with God in the Seasons of Motherhood” points out that “all too often we seek happiness in earthly pleasures, successes, and relationships, leading our family on a turbulent, emotional journey. If circumstances go well (and are easy!), then mom is happy. If problems arise, then mom is sad, angry or impatient. If we as mothers seek joy in our circumstances or possessions, then we will raise children who do the same….The solution to this turmoil is to realize that the greatest source of joy in our lives is the Lord –who He is, His presence in our lives, His works, His word, His strength, and His love. Abiding in GOD as the author of joy (not a clean and orderly home, not a lack of chaos and noise, not entertaining ourselves, not perfect children or a full night’s sleep) leads to everlasting and abundant joy.” In another part of the devotional she encourages, “ Prayerful people grow to be thankful people. As we see God at work and spend time in His presence, we will overflow with joy. Our ability to give thanks in all circumstances is not because every situation we encounter is good (or easy) but because the God who ordained the circumstances is good.”

May we as moms reject the notion that hard is bad and something to run from, may we rise up and persevere through difficult days and nights, long-term character changes, toddlers and newborns screaming, day in and day out repetitions and discipleship. May we be women who choose to yield and grow instead of run away or self indulge, may we persevere in motherhood and find joy not in what are days do or do not look like but in the Author and Creator of our days.

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