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Finish Summer Strong

Summer Plans

Summers are a wonderful time for families. Public schools are usually out of school, and home schools have the flexibility to take breaks from studies during the summer whenever needed. Parents have usually saved their vacation time for the weather and time together that summer allows. It is the perfect time to make big plans for your family. These plans regularly include: Family vacations, Summer celebrations, Cook-outs, Beach trips or water days, Family outings, Outdoor play, and many more fun activities that help the family bond. Our schedules quickly become packed with great things and we find our summer busy and full.

Summer Moves Fast

Because our summer schedules are so full, the end of summer comes way to fast. It creeps up on us and before we know it, the days are getting shorter again, the weather a bit cooler and public school are open again. As we see the freedom and fun coming to an end, it is natural to start regretting the things that we left undone, or that we did not accomplish.

Make the Most of your Summer

Anytime that our schedules are packed, we tend to forget to make time for the some of the more important events and traditions for our families. Sometimes our family dinners are interrupted by summer excitement. Sometimes our consistency at Church can wane as we plan vacations and weekend trips. Sometimes we will let our personal and family devotions slip because there is just not enough time in the day.

Don't let your summer get away from you! Plan for your "family faith life", as you plan for your "family fun life". Make the most of the time and energy that summer brings by dedicating your family to God and planning your schedule around the things that encourage your family to enjoy Him the most.

Here are some ideas for the rest of the Summer

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