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Born this Day is Salvation

Greatest Gift

As a family we have many Christmas traditions. Some of them are silly and important only to us; we eat tacos every Christmas eve, nerf wars, and have several advent calendars going at the same time. And some of them are more important and necessary for our family to keep Christ central during the Christmas celebration; daily advent readings, singing worship songs, and attending church services.

Our most special tradition is a simple one that many families do, we read Luke chapter two together a few moments before we pass out presents on Christmas. By doing this, our family is encouraged to remember and celebrate the greatest gift that has ever been given, especially before we open temporal gifts from under the tree.

Good News

The Christmas story found in Luke is story of good news. Announced on the day of Christ's birth was the antidote to a problem that has cursed the world since the fall of man. The cancer of sin had corrupted the heart of all men and women and the curse of sin had "set creation itself to futility."* Yet, when the time was right, God send His son to enter our world and enact a plan that would bring joy that could be for all people. This is what the angels called "good news."

Born this Day is Salvation

Those angels also announced to the shepherds that on that day, was born a Savior. The Son of God, who was born in a nearby town, would one day give his life as a ransom for many becoming the Savior of all who would put their hope in Him. Salvation was born as the Savior came into this world.

This truly is good news, at the birth of Christ, salvation was born. With salvation comes forgiveness for sinful people, redemption for rebellious humanity, restoration for the tarnished image of God, and the renewal for creation itself. A total and complete salvation was purchased as this child born so many years ago died on the cross for mankind.

An Offer of Joy for All People

The birth of a Savior is an extraordinary offer of joy. We celebrate on Christmas that God has pursued the very men and women whom have rejected and rebelled against Him. By doing this, God is offering to all people an escape from His wrath and a future at His side.

Rejoice this Christmas with a reminder from Luke chapter two, born unto us was a Savior, one whom offers salvation and joy to the world.

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