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Simple Family Worship

A Place to Start

So you have a family now huh? And you're feeling the weight of their eternal souls? What are you going to do? Where are you going to start?

May I suggest something to you? 

How about worshiping the God you love together in the home?

For many the practice of family worship is foreign. It condures thoughts of living room liturgy and stale family meetings. You may have zero experience with family worship growing up, or maybe it was negative. Maybe you grew up in a non-believeing household and knew nothing of Christianity. Either way, many parents in the church today are starting at square one when it come to worship time as a family.

I have some good news for you, it can be very simple.

Keeping it Simple

Family worship is merely an extension of personal worship that includes your family. 

Think for a moment about your personal worship. Do you read your bible? Do you pray? Do you sing songs or worship as you listen to songs? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are on your way to leading your family in worship. Family worship can be that simple! Read together from God's word, Pray together as a family and Sing together in praise of God. Simply worship God together!

If you are weak in these areas, don't let that stop you from doing them together as a family. Instead, let family worship encourage you to spend time in these area. As you read, pray and sing with your family, I am confident that you will develope a love for each of these practices and a desire to worship God more. 

Let simplicity free you to serve your family by sharing Christ with them.

The Main Goal of Family Worship

Listen, whether you base your understanding on scripture or experience, we all know that our children sin. If we believe that God will rightly punish those who have sinned against him, then we should be concerned for our childrens souls. And if we as Christians believe that God has lovingly sent His son to die for those sins; thereby making a way for ourselves and our children to have a good relationship with Him, then our goal as parents should be to teach them to run to Jesus.

The main goal of Christian parenting is to raise Sons and Daughters to become Christ followers. Therefore, the main goal of family worship should be to introduce them time and time again to the one in who they will find their salvation.

Share with your family about Jesus. Help them know and experience your savior. Let them in on your faith.

If you can read, pray and sing of Jesus as a family, you will honor and worship God and your family will grow in grace.

Helpful Reference Guide

We hope you find this simple reference guide helpful.


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