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Advent Effort

Advent Effort

Christmas is such a wonderful time to celebrate the Gospel. As we celebrate Jesus birth we get to look forward to the man He became and the impact His sacrifice has had on our lives.

This celebration extends beyond the church and into our homes. We come up with traditions, and set aside places in our homes for decorations. Families who partake in the advent season plan out there advent devotionals. Sometimes its the Jessie tree, or an advent calendar. Incuded are usually daily advent readings and visuals that help children connect and remember the daily lesson. Then the devotional usually finishes with a family prayer. Don't forget that most homes also have Christmas music playing around the clock. There is great effort put in to the advent celebration in many homes.

We make this effort because we want our Children to grow up in a home that loves Jesus and puts Him before gifts and materialism.

Imagine with Me

Now, Imagine with me a home that puts "advent effort" into family worship every month.

The word of God would have prominance in this home. This family would read from it often (perhaps daily), and the home would be be guided by it. There would be effort made to memorize and remember passages together. This home would be full of songs of praise, and worship songs would ring in the children's ears around the clock. And prayer would be more then just a dinner and bed time ritual. Prayer would be a vibrant part of the family faith, because effort has been made to pray at all times as scripture instructs.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to hear someone describe our homes like this?

But this doesn't happen by accident. In order to keep any kind of consistant family worship, the leaders in the home need to make it a priority. There needs to be effort put into reserving time, gathering family and planning out passages to read and songs to sing.

Giving Effort

This New Years you will plan out your personal reading plan and you will prioritize certain activitities that will help you spiritually and physically. But there may be nothing more important to your family than to give great effort to worshipping God in your home...together.

Bring it Home has created a resource that can help you plan for family worship in your home; the Bring it Home Family Worship Journal.

Download the PDF for Free here

Email for obtaining a printed copy.

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