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Hymns and Singing at Home

Singing with Kids

We usually have no problems getting our kids to sing, honestly once they get started it is hard to get them to stop. The problem is that sometimes we can't get them to sing what we want. Their taste do not always match mine, but.... my kids love to sing. Some of the songs THEY like to sing range from "How Many Toes does a Fish Have?" to Hank the Cow Dog's Chicken song.

So what can we do to get our kids to sing songs that are theologically rich like "How Great is our God?" and "O Worship the King" ?

Why should we sing? And Why Hymns?

First of all, why should make singing so important in our homes?

There are many reasons that singing worship songs is not only good, but necessary as we lead our children to Christ.

  1. Songs are great teachers: Children learn from songs. They listen intently and use the words to form ideas. A song can lead a child to truth in a way that lecture might not at their age.

  2. Songs are easy to remember: Music adds to memorization of words. When rich lyrics are anchored to a catchy melody, they are hard to forget.

  3. Singing invokes emotion: Conservative Christians, of which I deem myself, are sometimes wary of emotionally charged faith. We cannot escape our emotions all together though and wouldn't want to. God wants our emotions to be trigger with thoughts of his greatness and love.

Why Hymns? Why not other worship music that they may like better?

We promote the use of hymns because on a sweeping scale we find that hymnals produce better results when searching for songs that teach beautiful truths about God, while also having a melody and rhythm that is easy to follow.

Does this mean that we should avoid worship songs?

No, as it happens to be, Sovereign Grace music produces some of the most biblically solid and singer friendly worship songs available. We highly recommend using their music. The problem is that not all modern worship can be cast in the same light.

I will readily admit that not all hymns are biblically sound either, but by and large hymns are grounded theologically and are better for use in corporate singing.

Sing, Sing and Sing Some More

Habits are formed in children through repetition and pattern. If we want our children to learn and sing beautiful songs, that honor Christ, it begins with singing them early and often.

When our homes are filled with songs of worship and our lips, as parents, are moved to praise, then our children will grow up with the sweetness of the glories of God in the air. Sing hymns and spiritual songs in your home with the expectant hope that your children with joyfully join you.

Hymn Resources

Follow along at Bring it Home. We are going to spotlight worshipful hymns in a new series that we call "Hymns for your Home"

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