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Snags in Family Worship

Early Family Goals

When my wife and I got married we were excited to build our family together. We knew that God had started something special when he joined us in marriage and we were excited to lead our family before His throne. Since then we have intentionally kept Christ at the center of what we do in our marriage and parenting. As we have filled out our family, our joy has been to watch our children grow in their understanding of God’s word. However, with each added child it becomes more difficult to be intentional. All of us who have attempted to lead our families spiritually have experienced snags. If your family is anything like mine, then snags come from all sides as you hope to create a consistent and reverent time of family worship or devotions. Snags in Family Worship

Sometimes it’s the kids who are too riled up to sit. Sometimes we that feel pressure to get to the next thing on the schedule. Sometimes circumstances of life make it “impossible” to sit down together for any length of time during the day. Sometimes it is tempting to just say “Forget it, we will just have to do it tomorrow.”

Parents have many responsibilities. We are providers, teachers, bus drivers, playmates, readers, housemaids, and groomers. Each of our roles are important in certain ways, but there is no role more important than our role of discipler and worship leader in our homes.

Important Daily Work

If we believe the gospel to be true, then family discipleship must become our greatest priority. If we believe that without the gospel our children will be lost, then we should make it our daily work to share the gospel with them. If God is honored when His people worship him, then our greatest joy should be to lead our families to worship.

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