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At Home Blog Series: Hebrews 5:1-6

Be Sure to Read the Passage as a Family before continuing

Theme: Importance of the Son of God

Passage: Hebrews 5:1-6

God Exalts His Son

Though men are beset with weakness, God chose men to act as High Priest. The reason God appoints high priest among men is so that they can offer gifts and sacrifices to God in order to appease him. This honor was never taken for himself by any man, only God could choose who would be High Priest.

Because the High Priest chosen among men were weak and sinful, they were able to be gently with other weak sinner. Though this was a benefit, it also required that each High Priest offer sacrifices for his own sin in order to stay clean before God.

Then God chose his Son to be High Priest. Jesus was not beset with weakness and did not need to offer sacrifices to God for his own sin, because he fully pleased his Father. Since Jesus is more than a man, he is considered by God to be a different kind of High Priest, a final High Priest who is in the line of an old testament Priest named Melchizedek.

Melchizedek's story can be ready in Genesis 14. He is famous as the priest who blesses Abram after he rescues Lot. There is a lot that can and will be said about him in future studies, but for us today it is important to know two things. 1) Melchizedek is "Priest of God most High" 2) Melchizedek is King of Salem.


  1. Who chooses the High Priest?

  2. Who gave Jesus the honor of High Priest?

  3. Why is Jesus a special High Priest?

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