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Truth Trail Marker: Who is the most important?


Truth Trail Markers is a series of mini blog posts that share a real life story, illustration or object lesson that we have used to teach our kids eternal truth. Like a marker on a trail, it helps us to get back on the right track and then keep on moving with our day. These come from the perspective of parenting four kids all under the age of five and will probably be too simplistic for older kids. The truths are eternal though, and can be adapted for your family.


The Scene

The sound of kids fighting spilled out of the bedroom, their escalating voices conveying outrage and frustration. I leave my dish washing, slurp a sip of my lukewarm coffee as I pass the table and head down the hall, yet again, to help these small humans learn to live in the world with each other. As I enter, they turn to me, one protesting his innocence in the face of extreme injustice, the other just screaming.

I’m very tempted to arbitrarily declare one child as the rightful owner of the toy and try to distract the other one with something else. That would be so much easier, I could get back to my chores, but would ignore the deeper heart issues. Resisting the easy way, I sit down on the floor, pulling my two-year old and the three-year old down next to me.

The Conversation


I watch him release his death grip on the tiny plastic spoon that was the source of World War III. Hugs are given all around and a few tickles. With the relationship between siblings restored and a seed of faith in Jesus planted in their little hearts, I return to my dishes. This routine of Q&A is a common conversation in our house and helps me be consistent in trying to reach their hearts. Most likely I will be playing the role of the mediator again very soon, but in that quiet moment following the storm, I ask God to weave the same simple lessons into my heart.

Jesus is the most important person. People are more important than things.

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