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People will Disappoint You

People will be People

Hurt feeling, dashed hopes, unmet expectations, and even miss-interpreted motives are a recipe that produces disappointment.

Given enough time, people will always disappoint us.

I say it this way on purpose; there is no one who can live up to the standard that we expect of them. Even our closest friends (and favorite bloggers) will disappoint us. Our co-workers will disappoint us. Our family will disappoint us. We will be hurt by our spouses and undermined by our children. Disappointment is an "un-fun" yet familiar part of life.

When disappointment hits, our theology must guide our methodology. Our head sometimes needs to lead our heart.

When You are Disappointed

Here are three theological ideas that will help when we are disappointed.

1. People are ALL Made in the Image of God

All people were created by God in order that they may walk this earth as His representatives. We represent Him to the world as displays of His grant and perfect plan.

As images of the living God we are all bestowed with honor and must remember to treat each other wit h respect.

2. ALL of us Need Forgiveness

Our self-centered focus allows us to set aside care for others. When we are hurt, our thoughts implode and we protect what means most to us....ourselves.

We must remember in these moments that we also have disappointed others, we have been the cause of their hurt. We are not pure in regards to sin.

3. ALL Loving Responses Glorify God

Our familiar response to disappointed is anger and frustration. We quickly lash out to protect ourselves and our desires. When we remember our need for forgiveness, we can replace our anger with grace, and model the way God has cared us. We honor God and His image when we respond lovingly in disappointment.

Consistent Contentment

There is only one in whom our hopes will never be disappointed. There is only one with whom our expectations will be consistently met and exceeded. And there is only one in whom our hearts will always be contented.

God will never disappoint us and our hopes in God can never outpace His loving grace and focused care. Turn your attention to God, especially when your disappointed and you will experience the fulfillment of His promises and consistency of His purpose.

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