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Grace in the New Year

Answering the New Year Question

What is the most important thing that we can do in the new year?

When asked this question, most people would say "make goals." Others might say "make ourselves better." When it comes to the new year the overall consensus seems to be a need for change, which is why resolutions will always be in vogue this time of year.

A sincere desire for change, is a noble characteristic and offers opportunities to grow...but is change really the most important thing for us to consider for the coming year?

Grace & Rest

One word that might be more important in 2019 than "change" is "grace."

Every believer in Christ is a recipient of God's varied grace. This means that we each have received, in varying expressions, the favor of our God, which automatically makes grace our most valuable possession.

"Grace is God giving the greatest treasure to the least deserving—which is every one of us."

It is by this grace that God has given salvation, offering a peaceful solution to the broken relationship between Himself and man. It is by grace that we receive forgiveness. It is by grace that our nature is freed and our affections are changed.

When we are reminded of God grace, we will find a deep rest. God's favor is not depended on our completion of holy resolutions or on our growth from year to year. Instead, we are allowed to rest in the undeserved goodness bestowed upon us in the Gospel of Jesus.

Grace is all that we need and deserves our renewed attention as we begin a new year.

Resolutions of Grace

Here are three New Years Resolutions that take the focus off simple change and place the focus on the beautiful grace of God.

1) In 2019 experience Grace

2) In 2019 pursue Grace

3) In 2019 give Grace

As parents, lets allow grace to lead us as we pursue a deeper relationship with the giver of magnificent grace in 2019

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