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Kid Definition: Mercy

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The Gospel has purchased the goodness of God for person after person, none of whom were deserving. The reality is that all people are deserving the justice of the Lord. Mercy is when His wrath is replaced by His goodness.

  1. A fortunate circumstance.

  2. Compassionate treatment of those in distress.

  3. The loving kindness of God given to undeserving and broken sinners.

How do kids experience mercy?

Kids have an uncanny ability stretch the patience and kindness of parent to the brink. Sinful and broken as they are, parents are equally as sinful and broken in our response. We help our children experience mercy when we patiently endure and readily offer love and kindness in place of the discipline that they may have deserved. Be sure to always explain the reason you are offering mercy; it is because you have received mercy from our loving and kind God.

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